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KLH-Designs Rebranded! Introducing: Welcome to KLH Media.

Hello there my friends! I'm Katrina, a creative professional and multi-passionate leader with 15 years of experience freelance creative services and over 7 years as a Creative Director and Director of Marketing in the construction industry. Today, I'm thrilled to say I'm reopening the doors of KLH Designs (now KLH Media) and share a glimpse into my journey with you.

A Journey of Creative Exploration:

My career has been a dynamic exploration of creativity, and I'm excited to take you along on this ride. Starting out, my main focus was always branding and design. I've always been a graphic designer and artist at heart, so having a design lens really helped me grow into my future roles throughout my career. As I progressed, I learned and developed skills and experience in marketing and communication. In my role as a creative and marketing director, I've had the excitement and experience of driving narratives, steering marketing strategies, and bringing imaginative concepts to life.

I love the creativity of visual storytelling. I've been blessed to guide talented teams in crafting compelling stories, branding, and marketing strategy. I'm no stranger to the construction sites and over the years, I've learned how to capture the essence and stories of the jobsites and people that work them in order to create compelling stories and visuals that resonate with both employees and customers alike.

With a deep passion for the blue collar worker, my creative persepctive is always focused on making sure the right message for the right target audience at the right time is being presented and implemented in a thoughtful and strategic way.

Photography: My Passion Unveiled:

Beyond the world of marketing and strategy, I harbor a deep love for photography. For the past 7+ years, I've focused on capturing not just moments but weaving stories through my lens. My lens has often been focused on construction, where I find fulfillment in documenting infrastructure projects. Most recently I've added real estate photography to my portfolio along with people and events on the team. With a keen eye for detail and a dash of creativity, I aim to create visuals that resonate and endure with people.

The A&J Artistry Team: Katrina, Jena, & Allison

Jena, Allison and I have been friends for over 20 years. Each of us have a creative flare and style that allow us to bring our skills and abilities together to make a dynamic and strong team of marketing, brand and photography.

Our Promise: Crafting Visuals That Tell Your Story

I encourage you to explore the possibilities at, where my journey in creativity, strategy, and photography come together. Join me on this exciting adventure of transforming ideas into impactful stories. Let KLH Media be your partner in crafting visuals that endure and resonate with your audience.

Here's to capturing moments and telling stories together! 📷✨

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