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Embracing the #BlueCollarBestie Movement: A Call to Blue-Collar Industries

At KLH Media, we’ve been advocates for the unsung heroes of the blue-collar workforce for a very long time. Currently one of our esteemed clients is leading the charge by embracing the #BlueCollarBestie movement. This hashtag was started by Louella, a truck driver who started this movement on TikTok. (6.5 million views on her original post! Get it, girl! @tiltedindustries.)


The #BlueCollarBestie movement began when Lou, responded to another woman’s video talking about her struggle to find a career due to her alternative style. Lou stitched the video, inviting her to join the trades. This simple act of support sparked a wave of blue-collar women speaking out, endorsing, discussing, and celebrating the work they do. This trending initiative not only celebrates women in trades but also encourages more women to join the industry.


We recognize the importance of the #BlueCollarBestie movement and how construction companies can leverage this trend to foster a more inclusive workplace. By inviting women to fill the gaps in an aging workforce, companies can tap into a pool of talented individuals, offer incredible benefits, and help women build fulfilling careers in the trades.


Understanding the #BlueCollarBestie Movement

The #BlueCollarBestie movement is more than just a trending hashtag; it’s a powerful platform where women in trades share their stories, support each other, and highlight the benefits of blue-collar careers.

This movement is a place to:


  • Encourage more women to enter blue-collar fields: By showcasing the success and satisfaction of women in these roles, #BlueCollarBestie inspires others to consider careers they might not have thought possible.

  • Foster a supportive community: Women in trades often face unique challenges. #BlueCollarBestie is providing a space for sharing experiences and advice, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

  • Highlight the diverse opportunities in trades: From road construction to electrical work, the movement brings visibility to the wide range of careers available to women in blue-collar industries.

Why Construction Companies Should Get Involved

For construction companies, tapping into a trend like #BlueCollarBestie is an opportunity to showcase the human side of their workforce. By participating, companies can highlight the camaraderie, teamwork, and dedication that define their blue-collar workers. It allows them to humanize their brand and connect with their audience on a more personal level by demonstrating a positive work culture and building stronger relationships within their teams.

1. Showcase Your People. Celebrate the HELL out Of Them!

Create content that demonstrates a commitment to diversity in your workplace. This includes highlighting your employees and their achievements. Celebrate the HELL out of them! This not only boosts morale but also attracts a broader talent pool.


2. Enhance Recruitment Efforts

The construction industry faces a significant skills shortage. By actively joining conversations where they’re happening, companies can tap into a largely underrepresented demographic, mitigating the talent gap and recruiting a robust future workforce.


3. Build Positive Brand Awareness

Aligning with movements like #BlueCollarBestie or #WomeninConstruction showcases your company as progressive and supportive of women in the workforce. This positive brand image can differentiate you from competitors and appeal to clients who value corporate social responsibility.



Join the Movement: A Call to Action

We encourage all construction companies to get involved in the #BlueCollarBestie movement. Ask your women in construction to share their stories and use the hashtag to create awareness.


By participating in the #BlueCollarBestie movement, your company can make a meaningful impact, attract top talent, and build a stronger, more inclusive workforce. Join us in celebrating all the incredible blue-collar workers out there, paving the way for the next generation of blue-collar besties.



How KLH Media Can Help

At KLH Media, we specialize in blue-collar communications and construction marketing. Our experience with the blue-collar workforce has equipped us with unique insights into effective strategies in trades.


Here’s how we can assist your company:


  • Social Media Campaigns: We create engaging content that resonates with your audience, leveraging trends, tapping into your culture, and immersing ourselves in your brand to amplify your message.


  • Storytelling and Content Creation: We highlight the personal stories of your employees, creating compelling narratives that inspire, build authentic relationships with your team, and help build mindful brand awareness that connects with your audience.


  • Community Engagement: We develop strategies to engage with your community, encouraging current employees to share their experiences and fostering a supportive network.

Let’s Connect

Interested in learning more about how KLH Media can help your company embrace your brand with creative initiatives that help support and build authentic relationships through marketing and communications?


Contact us for a consultation. We want to help.


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